Issues on Royal Ottawa Health Care Group Forensic 1990s

(1)Mr. Dobre wishes to make allegations that he was an influenced young adult with little education and serious learning difficulties who was taken advantage of by the Royal Ottawa Health care Group. The behavior of the Royal Ottawa health care group including the civil behavior of its members has taken up half of Mr.Dobre’s life-time.

(2)Mr.Dobre has not had the ability or education to pursue the group. Additionally syndromes caused from their treatment have acted as a life long anesthetic w consumer oriented pain reaction and inhibition syndromes possibly known as PTSD .

(3)Mr.Dobre’s lawyer in the 90s did not follow his clients instructions and pleaded not criminally responsible w/out his clients permission. Mr. Dobre at the very beginning and through the course of years was taken advantage of by professional witnesses of the group who were likely dominant for food chain purposes on identity and consciousness. Mr. Dobre did not support there views and lacked the education to properly purse the situation.

(4) The health care group set a precedent and shared records with other persons who up to date have acted on the careless acts of the group who were defamatory and aided Mr. Dobre’s family in dramatizing situations and disposing of their son’s rights who was abandoned by them and subject to street associated identity perceived as unclean , dirty or something ugly as to tranquilize something un-appealing w no education as a result of “conflict prevailing w in a persons community and family oriented conflict”(mental health UN draft law).

(5)Mr. Dobre’s family ditched Mr. Dobre in the 80s to The Portage Program to get rid of him in spite of alienation of Mr.Dobre  w in the home and that Mr. Dobre may have appeared retarded, a burden and unwanted. Not being able to look after himself Mr. Dobre was unwanted .

(6)The family dramatized that they were afraid of him and felt as though he would harm them. Mr. Dobre a younger adult may have sworn at them on the phone. They were never held criminally or psychologically accountable based on their own social status with the police and the community. They had made a mistake and continued to insist on(medicating/over-medicating) tranquilizing Mr. Dobre resulting in symbolism of concentration and alienation.

(7)Mr. Dobre believes he had learning difficulties  was influenced by persons in his home, and due to the lack of education or axioms was hypnotic and otherwise. The medicine given to Mr.Dobre likely resulted in him being more hypnotic. Major tranquilizers are also said to cause violence says Robert Whitaker author of Mad in America.

(8)Mr. Dobre has situational evidence on his experience of persons in the health profession on how he was treated.

(9)Treatments were representing food chain purposes and instructions against quality of life issues, marital, identity and other issues which were curricular (not therapeutic)and are not clear, though the acts committed by the Royal Ottawa and Brockville Psychiatric are “tangible”.  The original acts demonstrated or the ownership of fundamental freedoms seems to be  therapy carried out by the health care group.

(9)Mr. Dobre was alienated from interests by the health care group who used major tranquilizers and the experience of the group was not therapeutic , the group tortured Mr. Dobre and made him sick. The group was malicious ,unprofessional and continually alienated Mr.Dobre from symbolism necessary for survival , ego and the development of self.

(10)The health care group prevented the development of self w major tranquilizers and theoretical applications of medicine. The care group was not concerned that the medicine was making him sick and were identifying helpful medicines vexatiously and associated with recreational use and committed defamation daily in the form of clinical fraud.

(11)The health care group helped mask the parents abandoning of Mr. Dobre as a child.

(12)The health Care group implicated the justice system with their pseudo-scientific claims.

(13)Mr. Dobre did commit influenced acts because he didn’t know better and was suggestible(and only responsible to that degree as far as the aledged acts . Mr.Dobre went through learning preparation classes but obviously did not receive adequate treatment for learning problems which were likely associated to family conflict and representations of Mr.Dobre possibly not participating in incest.

(14)The professionals of the health care group had a food chain relationship and criminally suspended what may be considered the social component of Mr. Dobre’s consciousness ,and in doing so did tortured Mr. Dobre as a form of cruelty unlawfully. The Group and it’s members did not at any time attempt to actually communicate with Mr. Dobre, but promoted defamation as therapy. The amount of pretend therapy was superficial engagement for show ,which consisted of causation, humiliation and other factors


Mr. Dobre would like to pursue the matter with fundamental witnesses on fundamentals of consciousness,identity and causation factors that would produce compatible behaviors to their diagnosis symbolism w the symbolism of slavery ,causative medicines, and superficial representations that therapy did take place for show incorporating clinical fraud. Mr.Dobre seeks relief in hours of the said treatment and years of effect to life and the pursuit of happiness


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