Letter To South Africa Consulate

South African High Commission
Mr.Alexander Dobre
7 Skelmersdale

There should be no instruction or activity at
owning fundamental freedoms, nor should there be any identity factor which would hinder all or any rights under the uk Human Rights act reasonably 1998 ,or the relative international or EU legislation which include collective ideas or rules establishing such linear rights which include Internet as a social and modern human ideal ,which should only be for the experience of the owner(account owner)
I am sorry I really have to explain my position with this really If you want to disregard my emails It would be OK.. I am not pleased with nationalistic ideas on anatomy which happens to be the fact . The manifestation of the idea that those ideals don’t exist allows to many linear rights w regard to consciousness and it’s use.

I am not really happy with the NHS ,South African ,Canadian , French and, significantly large N. American grouping central around New York and Italian Ideals which really I don’t think are invisible representations of comparably very large groupings of their nationals bearing produced identity with UN-chartered purposes w the exception to what are demonstrated as  factual agreements on their rights and identity, and the protection of their identity with directed energy devices encapsulating their populations and actual ideals, and dependence on criminal or Mafia groupings around them which include allot of compromised idealistic police W out which, surely their would be a solution which particularly refers to the NHS subjectively and the politics of authorities from South Africa which includes periodic possibly unpaid for English Architecture possibly assailant to former south african black labour hospital Smith Mitchell and Company which was investigated by CCHR South Africa [ http://www.cchr.org ] .

The way in which directed energy weapons encapsulate consciousness as far as is represented by demonstrated intelligent Freedom of Information Requests, as an ideal on improvement to persons of rights to wealth of which is generated Nazi freedoms demonstrated ,is what is meant by community ,or typically ambiguous South African ideals on the use of psychiatry w in the military which includes the usage of the community for those purposes ,which is factually unclassified, and still ambiguously, or criminally makes sense to a very serious degree unfortunately.
The evidence on that is not readily available but can be viewed at this site.
The small comparable groupings of South Africans in math w in the EU really represents authority or military backgrounds, rights demonstrated as non existent, to wealth and authority centred around psychiatry as an arm of the state which is more or less the former South Africa currently represented by the same skeleton directed probably for individualistic purposes in the same notion of very overt and loud notions that persons employed or associated with that profession are never responsible on a daily basis for themselves and their associations (who they associate with) which happens to be any person with the capacity of primitive authority at the cost of others which includes largely international Rail Companies private domestic rights as groupings considered to be somewhat privileged and set doing favors for money’s,sex or things(refers to persons operating software ,hardware or other things referred to here http://www.eucach.org ) ,and therefore represent very difficult politics of which they may be criminal of as a practice which include usage of the ICD-10 as an infrasonic assault methodology.
I must be content that my reasons are over complicated and therefore you may please disregard my fax and emails and view the application as problems associated to collective influential existence around the home which is very associated to Internet and telecommunications brokerage which is very obviously illegal . The fact is that situationally I have to regard all of my utilities ,apparent cyber criminals who were intermediaries involved in distinct forms of internet and telephone hijacking ,property destruction and contracts with those utilities, as detriment and In effect directed extortion(that I have to remain in contract and pay for services I am not entirely receiving) because very openly ,especially telecommunications companies benefit from very social open coveted behaviour demonstrated above.
In a make-believe sense (subjectively)they represent having provided a service of the fullest legal capacity required for them to remain in contract but have not been able to entirely and largely due to politics associated with the identity and capacity of the groupings mentioned identifying light or consciousness as mechanically lucrative enough to effect forms of stigmatisation even at cost of what they may consider to be “their” community placing criminal science well above legislative purposes. This may not seem to have allot to do with South Africa but the amount of Nazi idealism money and Nazi freedoms around mining seem to be groupings benefiting or owning directed energy weaponry which does or can intentionally effect most human behaviour ,particularly business and economy.
A company Harrington Brooks had delayed paying bills on my behalf until they went into collection ,refused to refund money’s or represent there mistake to credit bureaus. When I acquired my phone maybe twenty thousand hours ago there had seemed to be intermediaries between me and BT which resulted in problems with my phone and my experience with ambiguous BT (someone w recreational synthesis software) customer service . It did appear to be someone working w the local NHS. The Community of Clacton had a Mafia problem retailers had demonstrated.  I agreed to make an effort to go in to town despite my disability w all of the complexity of conduction and distraction which could have caused problems detrimental to my health . The community recovered to some degree largely due to conduction with related remote human manipulation.
This site represents the way in which they may have done that.
Anyway I have sent very simple forum content and documents explaining my
Situation with the NHS and an Ottawa hospital which by the way likely has relatively large amounts of missing people including Mr. Peter Vamos’s Portage centres.
So if it is OK, currently I will keep my citizenship status but am concerned on the political views of those who are in the UK with regard to myself . South Africans seem to have very powerful energies which are to some degree dominant ,exhausting ,disability causing and alienating (or onerous over fundamental freedoms )and One Gentleman formerly a professor at the University of Ottawa who committed really horrible isolation acts and incorporated clinical fraud ,extortion, psychological bondage and Holocaust symbolism on the basis of what happened and the legality of of there acts as psychiatrists . The Gentleman denying the acts was also South African and with military ideas centred around my anatomy who stigmatized me for life and provided for a my nationalistic identity crisis. They will not be arrested but the DEW does associate on the basis in some cases of identity and does group in different ways so through renouncing the factors necessary
for the modernized DEW to work are eliminated. Really what I mean is there is no association.
Additionally the local NHS had communities and asylum seekers living in the hospitals and were set on the extinguishing of social consciousness because it is as easy as demonstrated that human people are only biological animals without intuition or association factors considered to be social within Realm of how minimally people should need to identify which here seems to be a subjective nationalistic view or portrayed by the NHS.
The representation is that association is based on anatomical and nationalistic differences or origin and many other factors which use association ideas in terms of the directed energy weapons function. The amount of cyber crime is absolutely problematic incorporating ,Internet and telecommunications or data brokers protected by the Canadians with different purposes with mafias riddin war torn countries of the so called fascists some time ago and largely New York’s existence in other places demonstrates that history perhaps.
I should probably simplify factors in the pursuit of relief and distance orders and try and examine the issue of South Africans and a New Yorker locally calling me outlandishly on the phone w/out purpose or as a bad joke representing they were someone which I had emailed on legal proposals against an Ottawa group. The phone call did not entirely come from Ottawa and probably was in part software associated . My internet security has not been easy to maintain also.
Letter Summery
Please for the time disregard my request. The concern was really taxing behaviour and a situation in Bremhill ,Teffont and Salisbury in Wiltshire which were DEW oriented causation factors and it was not to difficult to become upset or suffer severe stigmatization of my simple person. This additionally demonstrate associated problems w the Fountain way hospital and geno toxins. I am sure what happened there was associated to the South African Community and the One stop shop. Probably a clerk w software and some form of Nazi ideology of being militarily responsible,
and a causation factor. There is allot of that quite obviously which largely is associated to existentialism in the sense of the dissemination of rights or certain other issues on enforced acts of crime .
In Any event I wish for the moment to remain a South African Citizen if that is OK . I have sent very simple web links covering what is considered more material issues . Should your office be willing to support or have any interest in suggesting legal support or any form of other support which may represent the usage of elements described. I suppose I would be content but additionally the things mentioned should not cause any considerable amount of hindrance.
So therefore the consulate should accept that any pursuits that address anatomy as a problem should know that their client will attempt to find a remedy on the fundamentals of consciousness with a fundamental witness probably at the level of EU court or national court against the tangible parties not the consulate.
Links to other associated legal issues are below. Feel free to reply . I would be grateful for any assistance. I am very interested in ascertaining any breaches of the international telecommunications act as a form of autonomy or for purposes such as cyber crimes and instruction of any form of isolation to persons considered to be intermediaries or brokers which include acts of social defamation, instructional acts against marital, social, or other freedoms including relations with landlords, employers or other acts of using legislation for primitive purposes by the Ottawa and Manotick community and others ascribed to the same criminal purposes.
Issues on Royal Ottawa Health Care Group Forensic 1990s
Mr. Dobre would accept any advice or support and wishes to receive a reply
W thanks
Alexander Dobre
Thanks for now
Alexander Dobre

With regards to renunciation and the filled form I have submitted please keep it as likely I will renounce. I just have needed extra time to think it out and likely will be my direction.
I will assess all social or other liabilities of keeping my status after which I will make a final decision.
I will not take to long but thanks.
Jonathan Bramwell Harte
In the UK by deed poll known as
Alexander Dobre
In any event I will still be interested in any documentation which refers to me
which would include birth , baptismal or other records regardless if I decide to continue with renunciation.
After considering if there is any benefit of maintaining South African status I will maintain the renunciation having considered that the status is not beneficial to me and more the contrary
or a social liability when examining the value of private energies ascribed formerly or currently to be owned by persons mentioned in my fax. Also I am quite certain that there will be no other relief which would include entitlement of rights of South Africans which particularly refer to consciousness and anatomy.
Alexander Dobre


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